Textkit Forum Rules - ** Read Before Posting **

Here you can discuss all things Ancient Greek. Use this board to ask questions about grammar, discuss learning strategies, get help with a difficult passage of Greek, and more.
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Textkit Forum Rules - ** Read Before Posting **

Post by Jeff Tirey » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:50 am

Welcome to Textkit! Since 2001 it has been the goal of Textkit to help assist Greek and Latin language learners world wide. Please read the following Textkit Forum Rules before creating a new account. These guidelines were created by Jeff Tirey, Textkit's founder.


Our Culture
1. Be Polite. Web site visitors will not desire to return to sites that are full of mean spirited exchanges. Think of Textkit as a classroom setting. Learners of all backgrounds come to Textkit to discover that they are not alone. Learning Ancient Greek and Latin is hard stuff. At Textkit, we believe that a positive and helpful community helps give learners engagement and it is slow and steady engagement which is required to master ancient languages.
2. Stay on topic. Post your topic to the appropriate board. Use the "Open Board" for off-topic posts. It's perfectly ok to create off topic posts. This is how we learn more about each other, but keep off-topic posts limited to the Open Board where they belong.
3. Banned Topics. Keep all topics and posts appropriate. The term 'appropriate' need not be define other than to say common sense is required.
3. About Disagreement. Disagreement and debate are fine at Textkit but we require intelligence and civility. At all times we expect Textkitters to debate the merits of an argument and not attack the individual through flamming, yelling or name calling. This disrupts the harmony of Textkit and new learners will go elsewhere. If the sum of your comments disrupt the community more than they positively contribute, we will ask that you go elsewhere.

New Forum Members - How To Create An Account & Our Rules

Like any forum, there is a tremendous amount of both automated and human spam which our moderation team must filter. We want you here with us and we welcome new members, however, when creating your first account, it's important to demonstrate that you are real person with a legitimate interest in ancient languages and the classics.

The following are important guidelines designed to make your account creation process successful.

1. Demonstrate You Are Real. - In your very first post, it must be beyond clear that you are human with interests is the Greek and Roman ancient world. To do this, we suggest:

a) Creating a new post in the "Open Board" with a meaningful introduction. Be detailed in your introduction so that it is beyond clear that you have a interest in Textkit. Things to discuss in your opening board post can include information about yourself, what you are reading or studying, your goals, your education experience or current skill levels.

b) You may also make your first post on any of the boards so long as the post is detailed and appropriate to the thread you are posting to. We hold these posts to an even higher standard than introduction posts on the open board, so it's important that your post is meaningful and appropriate.

Again, your first post is your most important:

For your first post, do not post something short such as, "hi, I really like it here, can't wait to learn Latin" <-- Do this, and it will get your account deleted

For your first post, do not post a vague post such as, 'This forum is great I'm looking forward to participating further" Or a lame reply post such as, "I really agree with what your saying thank you for sharing. <-- Do this, and it will get your account deleted

For your first post, do not post anything odd-ball, such as a long rant about Caesar or the decline of Western education. <-- Come off sounding like an odd-ball on your first post, and it will get your account deleted

The above rules are important. We regret having to take such actions but everyday new accounts are created and with the majority being human spammers who wish to sound authenticate, but only to post links in the forum later.

2. New Textkit users will have their first few posts moderated in order to prevent spam. Be patient, there may be a time delay with approval.

3. New Textkit users are prohibited from posting links or site suggestions in their first 10 posts. <-- This will get your account deleted Indeed posting links anywhere here before making 10 posts is will result in the deletion of your account.

4. New Textkit users are prohibited from posting images and links or site suggestions in their signatures until they have made 10 posts. <-- This will get your account deleted

7. We reserve the right to edit or delete Textkit user accounts and or posts at any time where we feel the Textkit user's intent is self promotion. Again, if you are engaged and helpful on our forums in both your posts and the posts of others, the right to promote your sites and projects is earned. In fact, we are grateful. If you have not earned this right, we will take action by deleting accounts and/or posts with no warning.

8. Affiliate links of any kind are absolutely prohibited. <-- This will get your account deleted

9. Links or site suggestions to affiliate accounts, adult sites, gambling, malware/spyware, etc. is prohibited. <-- This will get your account deleted

10. Have fun. These rules don't sound very welcoming, but they are necessary to keep order and ensure your experience is positive. We are actually all a fun and helpful bunch and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you for reviewing these rules. I'm sure you found them to be all common-sense rules designed to help ensure Textkit remains a vibrate learning community.

Have fun and thank you for joining us!


Jeff Tirey
Textkit Founder

While most issues should be solvable on the forums, if you need additional assistance, you can email textkitadm@gmail.com
Textkit Founder