JWW exercises, paragraphs 579, 580, 581

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JWW exercises, paragraphs 579, 580, 581

Post by Koala » Sun Sep 12, 2004 10:50 am

posting some work for feedback

1. he said it was better to throw the other things into the river
2. you, O men, have a very great opportunity
3. Aristippus had no fewer than three hundred cavalrymen
4. it is better to endure these things than to quit
5. turning about, most fled through the river with all their might
6. these men claim to be no worse than the captains
7. for it is far easier to complete the road
8. Clearchus had more than forty horsemen in his army, and most of them (were) Thracians
9. let us change these things, so that as many of us as possible may be under arms, and as few as possible carrying baggage
10. when Cyrus, while still a child, was being educated with both his brother and other children, he was considered in all things the best of all

[size=167]α. πολὺ γὰρ ῥᾷόν ἐστιν ἀπαλλάττεσθαι β. ἄν πλείονος ἄξιοι εἶμεν, εἰ τὰ ὅπλα ἔχοιμεν . . ἤ. . ἄν πλειόνων ἄξ. γ. ἐν τῷ πεδίῳ ἦσαν πλεῖστοι ὄνοι ἄγριοι δ. δοκεῖ ἡμῖν εὐθύς πορεύεσθαι εἰς τὸ ἄκρον ε. πάντες γὰρ οἱ τῶν ἀρίστων Περσῶν υἱοὶ παιδεύονται παρὰ βασιλεῖ[/size]

Indeed Cyrus advised this to his generals and captains. Gaulites, an exile from Samos, who was present and in Cyrus? confidence, said, ?And yet, O Cyrus, some are saying that (the) many things you now promise ? being in terrible danger(s) ? you will forget if you bring to a successful end what you are making war against ? they tell you. And some also say that, not even if you should wish, would you be able to do/make-good the things you promise?

ὁποῖον ἂν συμβῇ τλήσομαι :)

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Post by Skylax » Sat Sep 25, 2004 7:23 pm

Some feedback posted :

9. « change » : rather « abandon »

b. πλείονος in the singular – as this sentence seems to express a regret, I would translate it as a « present condition contrary to fact » (HWS 1397), so πλείονος ἂν ἄξιοι ἦμεν εἰ τα ὅπλα εἴχομεν, but your Greek is nevertheless correct.

d. δοκεῖ ἡμῖν « it seems good to us » would mean here something like « we decide » : I would say ἄριστόν ἐστιν ἡμῖν… (and, in « real » Greek, λῷστόν (« best » meaning « most convenient ») ἐστιν…

« in Cyrus confidence » : yes, a « trusty companion », a « follower »
« and yet » : ok if it can introduce an objection
« being » : refers to Cyrus (« you promise many things now that you are in terrible dangers »)
« you will forget » : « but (δὲ) they say (φασιν) that you will forget… »
« would you be able » etc. : yes, it is the meaning (Cyrus will not be able to give what he has promised even if he wants to do it)
Koala wrote: ὁποῖον ἂν συμβῇ τλήσομαι
[size=134]οὐόου[/size] :D

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