JWW excercises 104 and 120.

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JWW excercises 104 and 120.

Post by Hammurabi » Thu Mar 30, 2006 8:24 am

HI! Im going ahead with the JWW book!
I need a review of these two excercises please :oops:

the general was not leading the hoplites.
1. ? στ?ατηγός τοὺς ?πλίτᾱς ο?κ ἤγαγε.
both the targeters and the bowmen were brave.
2. οἱ πελτασταί καὶ οἱ τοξόται ἤσαν ἀγαθοί.
the young man was in the village
3. ? νεᾱνίας ?ν τῇ κώμῃ ἦν.
they send hoplites and targeters
4. ?πλίτᾱς καὶ τοξότᾱς ἔπεμψαν.
he will send beautiful gifts to the persians.
5. καλὰ δῶ?α τοῖς Πέ?σαις πέμψει.

we have broken our oaths.
1. τοὺς ὅ?κους λελύκαμεν.
the soldiers had sacrified to the gods.
2. τοῖς θεοῖς οἱ στ?ατιῶται ?τεθύκετε.
have the peltasts sacked the villages?
3. τᾱς κῶμᾱς οἱ πελτασταί διη?πάκεσαν;
the soldier has plotted against Cyrus.
4. τοὺ Κύ?ου ? στ?ατιώτης επιβεβουλεύκει.
his brother has ordered Cyrus to send gifts.
5. τὸν Κύ?ον ? ἀδελφός ?κεκελεύκει δῶ?α πέμπειν.

thank you very much in advance

:D :) :shock:

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Post by spiphany » Thu Mar 30, 2006 1:56 pm

Looks good overall. A couple of minor points:

104 #2: both...and should use καὶ twice to get the force of the emphasis

120 #2: ?τεθύκετε. check your person here.

120 #5: What you have is fine, but I thought I would point out (I don't know whether your text mentions it) that κελεύω can use either a dative or an accusative for the person being commanded. So τῷ Κυ?ῳ would also be correct.
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Post by Hammurabi » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:19 pm

ευχα?ιστώ πολ? spiphany!!

I found your correction very useful!

:D :D
I'll be doing the others book excercises!
So I hope you dont matter about future help!!
:oops: :oops: :D

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